Tired of the chaotic city life, after two years of research in various places in Italy, arriving in Alta Maremma we were immediately captivated by its wild beauty, rich in vegetation and Neolithic, Etruscan and Medieval finds scattered throughout the unspoiled countryside.


In 1980 we moved permanently and began our pioneer life:

  • For 4 years we had no running water, and had to use rainwater for cleaning, while we drew our drinking water from a spring three kilometers from the house.

  • For 10 years we were without light, first using gas and, after 4 years, deriving light with photovoltaic panels, which we still use to light our private home.

  • For the first year we carried both materials and water 500m by wheelbarrow, because there was no road.
    Then we renovated, sowed, planted, created the road and paths and now we have barley, hazelnuts, olive oil and vegetables that are used by guests and sold in different stores in Italy.


In 1987, to supplement the income from farming and to have interesting exchanges with different people of different nationalities and cultures, we created the Farmhouse and later the Campground.

It seems almost impossible but all this work was done by the two of us, Carla and Adolfo and occasionally by outside help.

Since 1992 we have become three, with the birth of our son Luca, who has always been interested in nature and the farm, since his 24 years, after interrupting his studies, he decided to take the reins of the business with a lot of energy and new ideas.