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About Us

About Us

Tired of life in the city and after two years of searching we arrived in Maremma and immediately fell in love with it’s wild beauty, it’s amazing vegetation and Neolitic, Etruscan and medieval archaeological sites that can be found in the area.

in 1980 we moved here permanently and started our settlers life.

For 4 years we had no running water, we used rain water to clean and had to go 3 kilo meters to replenish our drinking water supplies.

For 10 years we had no mains electricity, initially we used gas powered lighting after about 4 years we installed solar panels that we still use today to power our private house.
The first year was the hardest we had no road to access the house we had to transport all building materials with a wheelbarrow for 500 meters.

we eventually managed to restore our house, build a road and plant our fields, we now produce barley, hazelnuts, oil olives and vegetables.

In 1987, to argument our income and to have interesting experiences with different people and nationalities, we created the beginnings of our agriturismo that was composed initialy by four comfortable rooms in a casaletto that we restored. we eventually cleared an area for the camping and built the bathroom facilities. Last we built org communal building where our gests can relax and gather information on the area. In this same room we serve our breakfast and meals on a large table where all gests eat together. We often join the meals as we believe it an essential moment to share experiences and ideas with our guests.

We think it is wonderfull when we get 2,3,4 nationalities sitting at the same table, we might not all speak the same language but some how we alwais understand each other. When the weather allows it we eat at the shade of our monument as we like to call it, a 2-300 year old oak tree, the branches cover a 400 square meter area under wich we have a table, chairs, a swing and a small pool.