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Hazelnuts is the first kind among the trees family to establish itself after glaciation.

It has been known from the faraway Tertiary Age, as it is testified by fossil findings.

The wood is used for rabdomancy rods.

It is believed to have supernatural powers so that it would protect from bolts of lightning. According to the Latin poet Virgilio, the Romans would consider the hazelnut tree a symbol of peace and reconciliation; whereas referred to married life it would be an emblem of fertility.

Another author, Dioscoride, affirms that one could use hazelnut substance as a remedy against poisonous animal’s bites and against worms-like beasts as well.

It is also a good remedy to cure coughing fits. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925, Founder of Anthroposophy and bio-dinamic agricoltrural method) tells us that hazelnuts would be beneficial as a school-children’s snack, as they enhance concentration because of their abundance of phosphoric compound.

100 gr. of hazelnut contain: proteins 12,7 gr., phosphorus 320 mg., iron 4,5 mg., calcium 250 mg., carbohydrates 18 gr., fats 60,9 gr., vitamins B2,A, E, D, Cmg0,7.